New clear sky - vast

Mercury can never be seen more than roughly two hours before or after the Sun, so because of this it is not well known. The beautiful, and sometimes orange planet, can be amazingly prominent near greatest elongation at its few best apparitions of the year (there are many separate apparitions of Mercury in a year because the swift planet races back and forth between the morning and evening sides of the Sun).

We were stuck in a holding pattern above Laguardia for a while, but I was not bothered by it.  I was transfixed by the clarity outside my window, by the simple, powerful truth that there is always blue sky somewhere.  Above, below, or through the clouds.  I have noted before that emotions are just clouds sliding across the sky of my mind , but while I find this metaphor poetic the truth is I often struggle to remember it.

New Clear Sky - VastNew Clear Sky - VastNew Clear Sky - VastNew Clear Sky - Vast