Cro-magnon - mellow out & acoustic

As the Cro-Magnon sound gets progressively more heavily textured and atmospheric on their successive and still stellar LPs, the trio scales it back a bit for the Mellow Out & Acoustic -- a groovy batch of jazz funk covers and originals! The vibe is actually often electric, cut from cloth of the cosmos, with tight rhythms -- the mellowness is more in the easygoing mood. And speaking of mood, the Cro-Magnon crew covers two tracks by Moodymann -- "Black Mahogani" and "Technologystolemyvinyle" -- plus a keyboard lounge take on the Jackson 5's "Never Can Say Goodbye", a similarly easy grooving take on the Roy Ayers classic "Mystic Voyage", the originals "Silent Wave", "Beyond The Summer" and "After All That" -- plus "Mysterious Vibes" and "Love Bite". 10 tracks in all.
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01- black
06 -mysterious
07- love
08 - technology stole my

Cro-Magnon - Mellow Out & AcousticCro-Magnon - Mellow Out & AcousticCro-Magnon - Mellow Out & AcousticCro-Magnon - Mellow Out & Acoustic